Google sends out invites for October 29 Android event

first_imgGoogle has sent invitations out for an event on October 29th, a day that has been widely rumored as the day Google will unveil the LG Nexus 4. The invitations don’t explicitly state that this event is for the next Nexus product, but the familiar Google Now layout coupled with the tag line “The Playground is Open” makes it abundantly clear this is about a Nexus device.We’ve seen the photos, heard the rumors, and laughed at the odd pattern on the back. The LG device, codenamed Mako, has been in testing internally by Google employees for weeks. Some leaks have shown Android 4.1.2 on earlier builds, but the quad core Snapdragon-powered phone is expected to launch running 4.2. This Nexus 4 appears to be a GSM only device, and no evidence pointing to a Verizon Wireless model at all. The 4 is expected to have an 8MP camera and 2GB of RAM, but no removable storage or battery info has been found.There’s also a strong likelihood that Google will announce a refresh to the Nexus 7 Best Price at Amazon line. The playground quote in the invitation is straight out of the original Nexus 7 commercial, though that could become something Google uses for the whole Nexus line. If a refresh is coming, the two big rumored features are a 32GB storage model and a model that allows for a cellular connection. In competing with Apple and Amazon, Google will likely continue to drive towards the $199 price point.Google’s announcement falls at the end of a line of announcements, including new products from Apple and the release of Microsoft Surface and Windows 8. Each of these three companies is clearly working overtime to have our undivided attention this holiday season, which in the end is always good for the users.via Engadgetlast_img

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