iPad 2 to be smaller flatter and louder

first_imgThe image above, depicting what might be the iPad 2, has been making the rounds today. It shows the supposed back corner of the next iPad, complete with a large “wide-ranged” speaker, but what is even more interesting is what is missing: both a USB slot and an SD card reader.Japanese tech blog Macotakara posted a report saying they learned from an anonymous source that the 2011 iPad would be 3mm smaller than the current one but would feature the same size display (meaning the bezel will be trimmed). It would also have a back piece that is “flat like an iPod touch” as opposed to the current convex shape. Also the ambient light sensor would be moved to the upper center of the back of the unit and the iPad may have two cameras. The site noted that the camera information is unreliable, despite the fact that most speculation lists this as the most likely change for the next iPad revision.AdChoices广告As for timing, the anonymous source says to expect the product to ship in between the middle and end of January as parts production has already started.Read more at Macotakara, via BGR.Sal’s ThoughtsWhile this report is interesting it’s not one I’m really taking to heart. I don’t doubt that somewhere production for the iPad 2 is beginning but the image above isn’t quite convincing and that speaker grille looks rather ugly. I could definitely see the second iPad shipping with the same size display and without an SD slot though, and a flatter shape for the back wouldn’t be overly surprising.Better sound would be a major plus too, but that image just doesn’t look right. The thing is, it’s in keeping with the case rumors we’ve seen, all of which have some sort of cutout in the rear corner, though not all the rumors seem to agree on the size and placement. Also none of the cases have a hole in the back for the light sensor… not that putting the ALS in the rear even seems to make much sense.So while things do seem to fit together somewhat conveniently, I wouldn’t put money on this being a final design.last_img

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