Hinesburg becoming solar capital of Vermont

first_imgSource. 12.21.2010. AllEarth Renewables, Inc. www.allearthrenewables.com(link is external)AllEarth Renewables, Inc. is a Vermont company that specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of complete grid-connected wind and solar renewable energy systems that lessen dependence on nuclear and fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company’s goal is to provide turnkey products that harness the power of wind and sun for homes and businesses while creating sustainable, well-paying jobs. The Town of Hinesburg, Vermont and AllEarth Renewables, Inc. of Williston, Vermont have partnered to install 31 AllSun Trackers on Lagoon Road, south of the town’s wastewater treatment plant. Over the course of a year, the 141 kilowatt photovoltaic array is expected to produce 200,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electrical energy which will provide over 45 percent of the electricity used by town-owned meters.Hinesburg is quickly becoming the solar capital of Vermont.  According to the Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont, this project is the largest municipal solar installation in the state.  When combined with other solar electric projects installed by Hinesburg residents and businesses, Hinesburg leads Vermont towns with over 500 kilowatts of solar photovoltaic capacity which produces enough electricity for over 75 homes.‘The Hinesburg community has been very active improving energy efficiency and rolling out renewable energy installations from solar trackers to small-scale wind turbines to solar powered parking lights,’ said Alex Weinhagen, Hinesburg’s Director of Planning & Zoning.  ‘This solar tracker installation is another excellent example of how the Town of Hinesburg is moving forward the conversation and the actual implementation of Vermont’s emerging energy future.  Together with community members and our business partners, the Town is demonstrating that local and distributed renewable energy generation can and does work.’‘Hinesburg has taken an important step towards energy independence and is leading the way for other Vermont towns,’ said David Blittersdorf, President and CEO of AllEarth Renewables. ‘This project shows great foresight on the part of Hinesburg town government by finding an economical use for land that was otherwise not being utilized.’The AllSun Tracker is a complete grid-connected solar electric system which consists of photovoltaic panels mounted on poles installed in the ground.  The system uses a GPS (Global Positioning System) and a dual axis rotation to keep the solar panels at a perpendicular angle to the sun’s rays throughout the day.  This maximizes the amount of light reaching the panels, which in turn maximizes the amount of energy generated,  providing as much as 40% more electricity than fixed panel installations of the same size.  More than 340 AllSun Trackers have been installed in Vermont to-date, creating over one million watts of renewable power capacity.last_img

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