Test input response is the key to building a web site advertising or title

yesterday the people network through an article "how to test advertising" powerful marketing website construction in about the importance, when we are building the marketing website testing advertising is good, then the people secret network will continue to share with you to write attractive title.

The importance of

testing advertising need not be much ado, directly into our today’s business, see advertising what kind of method should be used to test. As the saying goes, it’s hard to begin with, so we can speculate that the key to our test — the input response, is the reader’s response to your advertisement. If you browse your marketing site, but no heart, you have to admit that such a marketing website construction is a failure. Therefore, we need to test the reader’s response to our advertisement or title, and make a comparison. To test the reader’s response, you can use the following methods:

1, use coupon

we can release some coupons on advertising in the marketing type website, these ads coupons are not the same, thus testing our potential customers are attracted to coupons, are interested in our promotions.

2, set the advertising code

We can

encoding each advertising, then we in the process of communicating with potential customers we can ask, see if they are advertising or which attracted this title then found us, then we can learn from people on which types are more interested in advertising or title.

, 3 different kinds of virtual

packageWhen visiting

marketing website in our potential customers, we can offer some of our own package, of course, these gifts is our advertising or title, and then click attention to customer preference which package, and then ask.

We can use the

test method is too much, as a good marketing type website builder, we must learn to innovation, to help us improve the network marketing performance of the use of all our knowledge. The above three methods is a brief, there are a lot of follow-up work, such as comparative analysis of the data we obtained, analysis between customer response and actual sales gap and reason, all the results summed up the relationship between their view, these are no longer much said. Repeat the test test, launched a new advertising program will be carried out with the last PK winning scheme, so that we can know our marketing website construction in the end there is no going in the right direction, in line with the tastes of the public. Although the workload is large, but the effect can be unlimited. The road to success is not crowded, because there are not many people, do not know if you are on this road?

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