QPR midfielder Fer ‘very disappointed’ after Sunderland move is scrapped

first_imgLeroy Fer’s agent Rob Jansen has confirmed that Sunderland called off a proposed loan deal for the QPR midfielder because of doubts about his fitness.Fer, 25, was hoping to move to the Stadium of Light on a season-long deal but has been nursing an injury problem.He will not be fit for the start of the season and Sunderland refused to go ahead with the move after the Netherlands international completed a medical.“Leroy is currently confronted with an injury that means he is not able to play immediately,” Jansen said.“Sunderland said ‘we do not want to go ahead’. Leroy is very disappointed. He is now trying to get fit at Queens Park Rangers.”West Ham have also expressed an interest in Fer, who moved to Loftus Road from Norwich a year ago.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Warriors HQ Podcast: Durant makes an example of the Clippers

first_imgDon’t view the Warriors’ Game 3 victory as the team trying to prove a point.No, they were merely trying to restore order to a series that never should have been tied.With the lesson learned in Game 2 — they had a 16-minute stretch where they, per Stephen Curry, “literally [forgot] how to play basketball,” resulting in choking away a record 31-point lead — still fresh in their mind, Golden State led Game 3 from the opening tip to final buzzer, winning 132-105.After a beat-down like that, …last_img read more

Two ousted Giants executives helped give Zaidi more flexibility at trade deadline

first_imgPHILADELPHIA — The San Francisco Giants are still paying Bobby Evans and John Barr, but both executives were stripped of their titles last fall.With a week remaining in the 2018 season, Evans was removed from his position as general manager. Two months later, Barr was replaced as the Giants’ director of amateur scouting by Michael Holmes.The reasons for their dismissals were rather clear. Evans presided over a club that was headed for its second straight losing season following a second …last_img read more

The Age of Aerospace

first_imgThe Age of Aerospace celebrating Boeing’s 100th anniversary is now airing across the globe on Discovery Channel and Discovery Science and online.The five-part series, explores the advancements in civilian, military and space technology around some of America’s greatest achievements, plus chronicles the history of Boeing and its heritage companies, Douglas, McDonnell, North American, Rockwell and Hughes.Thus the Boeing group of companies can lay claim to have designed some of the greatest aircraft and spacecraft in history: The DC-3; P-51 Mustang, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-25 Mitchel, B-29 Super Fortress, B-47, DC-6B, 707, Super DC-8s, DC-9, 747, 727, 737, 777, 787, Gemini, Mercury, Apollo spacecraft, Saturn and Delta Rockets, F-4, A-4, F-15, F-18, F-22 jet fighters and C-17 airlifter. Read: She taught the world to flyProduced by the New York based Documentary Group the series is absolutely fascinating for anyone interested in aviation but it is not, nor claims to be, the definitive history of Boeing or aviation.In fact another three episodes are to be produced this year.The series traces the major events in aviation and Boeing’s pivotal role in shaping the future of things that fly.The producers have brought together a range of aviation consultants, authors and commentators as well as Boeing executives who add to the excellent narration.Boeing’s Chairman Jim McNerney and Vice Chairman & President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Ray Conner are candid about the highs and lows of various aircraft programs particularly the 787.AirlineRatings.com Editor and founder Geoffrey Thomas features in eps 1, 3 and 5 (Mr Thomas was formerly a Contributing Editor for McGraw Hill’s New York based Aviation Week and Space Technology).The episodes are:Ep 1: What Can’t We Do? The premiere episode reveals how Bill Boeing, Donald Douglas, James McDonnell and their contemporaries took the invention of the airplane and forged an industry, delivering advancements in communication, transportation, and warfare.Ep 2 Miracle Planes details the role American industry and planes, including the B-29, P-51 and the B-17, played in the Allied victory over Germany and Japan.Ep 3: Shrinking the Earth explores three planes that launched the jet age: the B-47, the 707 and the 747, the world’s first jumbo jet that reshaped global air travel. These three planes were made possible by secrets discovered in a German Forest at the close of WWIIEp 4: In the Vastness of Space tells the story of Project Apollo, which accomplished landing the first humans on the Moon, and humankind’s first journey to the Moon on Apollo 8. Other topics include humanity’s future in spaceEp 5: Dreamliner reveals the technology, resources, and risk required to build commercial aircraft in the modern world through the story of the most recent revolution in jet design, the 787 Dreamliner The episodes can be viewed online here; Check your regional or local program guides for broadcast times in your area.last_img read more

2015 Sale of Champions results

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions livestock auction, held Sunday afternoon in the WCOL Celeste Center, showcased Ohio’s premium livestock, premier Junior Fair exhibitors and generous supporters. On the sale bill were grand champion and reserve champion market lambs, market barrows and market beef, as well as grand champion market goat, a Thanksgiving Dinner to represent the champion poultry and a block of Swiss cheese to represent the six dairy champions.The Grand Champion Swiss Cheese represents the exhibitors Kinley Topp, Shelby County; Kyle Ackley, Logan County; Grace Hageman, Shelby County; Blake Greiwe, Logan County, Supreme Showman; Madelyn Topp, Auglaize County; Keenan Wolf, Wayne County; and Lane Greiwe, Logan County and sold to S&S Volvo and AG Boogher and Sons for a record-breaking $25,000.The Grand Champion Market Goat was exhibited by Paige Pence, Clark County, and sold to S&S Volvo AG Boogher and Sons, and JD Equipment for $17,500.Future poultry exhibitors, despite not having live birds at the fair this year, benefitted from the auction of a Thanksgiving dinner that sold to Gerber Poultry, Cooper Farms, Weaver Brothers, Case Farms, Hertzfeld Farms, Trillium Farms, Prairie Star Farms, Hemmelgarn and Sons, Cal Maine Foods, Sauder Amish Eggs, Hillandale Farms, Stoller Farms, Kalmbach Feeds, Wendel Poultry Service, Nature Pure, New Day Farms, Mercer Landmark, and Kroger for $26,000.The Grand Champion Market Lamb was exhibited by Bailee Amstutz, Union County, and sold to Meijer for $ 32,500.The Reserve Champion Market Lamb was exhibited by Logan Harvel, Fayette County, and sold to Kroger for $23,000.The Grand Champion Barrow was exhibited Troy Elwer, Allen County, and sold to Steve Rauch Excavation and Demolition and Concessions by Cox for $42,000.The Reserve Champion Barrow was exhibited by Ashton Dominique, Fulton County, and sold to Event Marketing, Huffman’s Markets, Ohio Farm Bureau, and Bob Evans for $26,000.The Grand Champion Market Beef was exhibited by Tyler Clark, Miami County, and sold to Kroger for $50,000.The Reserve Champion Market Beef was exhibited by Oliver McGuire, Champaign County and sold to Martin D. Yoder and Woodruff Enterprises for $22,000.last_img read more

Ohio Pork Council Recognized by American Association of Political Consultants and Ohio Poultry Association

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest For the second year in a row, the Ohio Pork Council received top honors at the American Association of Political Consultants Pollie Award Conference, held on April 2-4, 2019, in Napa Valley, Ca.OPC’s Bacon Vending Machine took top honors in the Best New and Unusual Tactic category of the Pollie Awards — the most prized and sought-after awards in the political communications and public affairs industries. The Bacon Vending Machine was designed to create a unique way to promote pork products, while emphasizing farmers’ mission to give back to the community. Additionally, the Bacon Vending Machine served as a fundraiser for The Ohio State University’s meat science program. The vending machine was launched on Ohio State’s campus last December, and received media attention from local, national and international news outlets.As an allied industry member, OPC works alongside Ohio’s commodity groups on various agricultural fronts. As a token of appreciation, the Ohio Poultry Association awarded OPC with the Industry Partner Award during their recent Industry Celebration Banquet – a fundraiser for Ohio Poultry Association charities. OPC was recognized for their collaborative efforts with the Ohio Poultry Association towards the betterment of Ohio agriculture through statewide efforts on water quality.“The Ohio Pork Council is humbled to receive these honors,” said OPC President Dave Shoup. “From promotional efforts like the Bacon Vending Machine, to our partnerships with commodity groups like the Ohio Poultry Association, OPC strives to provide a hopeful future for Ohio agriculture.”Pollie Award entries are judged by a blind jury of professional peers, while members of the Ohio Poultry Association nominate candidates for their awards. The American Association of Political Consultants celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Pollie Awards, and the Ohio Poultry Association commemorated 34 years of the Annual Industry Celebration Banquet with a Poultry Prom theme.last_img read more

There Are More Reasons to Work in Sales Than Money Alone

first_img Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Now A recent prompt suggested that one should only work in sales because they want money or because they want to compete. The second part of the prompt suggested that “helping other people” was not a reason to work in sales. Leaving aside that fact that everyone on Earth wants more money (including Buffet, Munger, Gates, Bezos), a desire for money is not the only reason one might decide to work in sales. As to competition, I don’t know that we acknowledge that aspect enough for people to recognize sales as the place where they belong. There are, however, other good reasons to work in sales outside of money alone.Money Is An OutcomeBefore we get to the many reasons you might want to work in sales (or have chosen to), it’s important to clear up some incorrect ideas about money. Money is an outcome. There are only a few ways money is exchanged: 1.) theft, and 2) the exchange of value. The way one increases their income is by creating greater value for others. Increases beyond creating value for others only occurs when you create value for larger numbers of people. What this means is the only legitimate way to increase your income is by helping others.On CompetitionI believe I am the only person to have written a book on competitive displacements. The first chapter of that book, Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away From Your Competition was a strategy for positioning yourself as a trusted advisor and consultative salesperson and creating a compelling case for your dream client to leave their current supplier. That book also reminds you that only win clients by creating greater value for your dream clients, not by focusing on your competitors, except for differentiating yourself in positive ways.Win customers away from your competition. Check out Eat Their LunchIn The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, I dedicated a chapter to competition because I believe a desire to win makes winning a more likely outcome. If you are dead set on winning, you will do the work. The desire to win does compel many people to work on improving themselves.Learn Anthony’s core strategies & tactics for sales success at any level with The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever NeedIn all things, you should avoid most ideas that people present as being mutually exclusive. In most cases, replacing the word “or” with the word “and” creates a more accurate picture. The idea that you can either be money-motivated or possess a desire to help other people is hogwash. Many people are capable of both.Reasons You Might Choose to Work In SalesHere is a list of other reasons you might want to work in sales, outside of a money-motivation, in the order in which they occurred to me.Autonomy and Working Independently: There are few areas in business where you have as much independence as sales. You determine what work you do, when you do it, and how you do it. If your natural disposition pulls you towards a type of freedom and you have the self-discipline to will yourself to work without anyone needing to hold you accountable, selling is an excellent choice.Solving Difficult Problems for Other People: In B2B sales, we help people with difficult problems or challenges, even if one of those challenges might be taking advantage of new opportunities. One of the more difficult problems we solve is helping people make a change in their organization (something you might recognize by the word “consultative.”) If that is interesting or exciting to you, a role in B2B sales might be the right choice.Need New Experiences: The type of people that do well in sales tend to need new experiences. In sales, the people you work with (clients and prospects) are always changing. The challenges you help them with vary from client to client. Without saying more, there tends to be more than a fair bit of drama, and any two days are rarely the same.Desire a Role Where Growth is Necessary: There is a reason I write as much about growth, success, and productivity here. These are variables to success that, while being prevalent in many professions, seem to help or hinder people more in sales. Success in sales is individual, not situational. There are two groups of people who tend to focus on their growth and development, leaders and salespeople (in both cases, growth is necessary to improve the individual and their results).Working With Other People: You spend the most substantial part of your time in sales working with other people. If you don’t like working with other people, you are not likely to be either happy or prosperous in sales. However, if you enjoy meeting new people, if you are good with people, if you have fast rapport skills, if you are good at maintaining relationships, sales may be a natural fit.A Desire to Be a Businessperson: There are not many roles you might obtain that will do as much to make you a well-rounded businessperson or expose you to so many different businesses, different companies, or the full range of diverse strategies and tactics. In most B2B sales role, you have the opportunity to work across industry verticals. Because your work exposes you to many different businesses, you become a much better business person. You gain considerably more business acumen and situational knowledge than many other roles.Compensated for Results: Because compensation structures in sales are based on your contribution, those who desire a role where their company pays them for their results find their way into sales. In most positions, you have little control over your income. In a sales role, better results bring bigger rewards.Willingness to Be Accountable for Results: Sales comes with a higher degree of accountability than other professions. First, you are accountable for your results. Second, you are responsible for the outcomes you sell your client. The willingness or desire to be accountable for results is another reason some of us find our way into sales roles.When you look at success in any endeavor, you invariably find a complex and complicated mix of factors. The idea that the only essential attribute one need look at is a money-motivation is to ignore other characteristics, many of which may be even more vital. Whether you are hiring a salesperson or deciding on a career in sales, a view that takes into account additional factors improves your decision-making.Money-motivation with no interest in creating value for others provides for a different outcome than the two of these things together. The few people who want money and who also possess a low Moral Intelligence don’t tend to do in anything for very long, and in some cases, they end up behind bars. Money-motivation without the discipline to accompany the autonomy or the willingness to be accountable for results also isn’t a good combination for a salesperson.last_img read more


first_imgThe Australian Government and the Australian Sports Commission provide travel and accomodation assistance for elite indigenous athletes. This program is for Indigenous sportspeople who have been selected for a state team to compete at national championships or an Australian team to compete at an international event. It is for travel and accommodation expenses only. Information and an application form is attached for anyone who is interested in the program. Elite Indigenous Assistance Formlast_img read more

Toronto police testify at Debassige inquest

first_imgBy Donna SmithAPTN National NewsTORONTO–The two Toronto police officers involved in the 2008 shooting of a 28-year-old First Nations man are scheduled to testify Tuesday at the coroner’s inquest looking into the death.Byron Debassige was shot in the chest by police in a city park after he had stolen two lemons from a food market.Debassige, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, was chased by the store owner. Debassige then pulled out a knife with a three-inch blade and threatened the store owner.Police, responding to a report of an armed robber, found Debassiage drunk and signing in the park and wielding a knife. They shot him after a confrontation.Debassige’s family issued a statement saying they hoped the inquest would give them some answers.“We are sorry this day had to come. Byron’s death was senseless. It is our hope that the coroner’s inquest can help us in answering questions about Byron’s death,” said the [email protected]last_img read more

Ohio State mens volleyball drops regular season finale 31 against No 1

Junior middle blocker Dustan Neary runs to return a ball during a game against Loyola (Chicago)April 11at St. John Arena. OSU lost, 3-1.Credit: Logan Hickman / Lantern photographerThe Ohio State men’s volleyball team couldn’t muster a win in its last regular season game.OSU ended its regular season schedule with a 3-1 loss against No. 1 Loyola (Chicago) Friday at St. John Arena.The Buckeyes (11-15, 6-8) took on the Ramblers (24-1, 14-0) Friday for the second time this season. The previous match also ended in a loss for the Buckeyes, as they fell, 3-0, Feb. 1 in Chicago.The Buckeye defense was strong throughout the match but could not hold its own against Loyola’s offense.Defensively, OSU doubled up Loyola in blocks, 10-5. Junior outside hitter Michael Henchy and junior middle blocker Dustan Neary — the reigning Men’s Intercollegiate Volleyball Association Defensive Player of the Week — led the way up front, each getting in on five blocks.Redshirt-junior setter Peter Heinen said the Ramblers played to their strengths of solid serving and scoring near the antennas throughout the game to come out on top.“Loyola has great service pressure and two of the best pin attackers in the country,” Heinen said, referring to sophomore Thomas Jaeschke and junior Cody Caldwell, who finished with 19 and 18 kills respectively.This season OSU has struggled getting all of the new players to work together, with eight freshmen and three redshirt-freshmen on the roster, and that has been a main issue this year, Heinen said.“We struggled with our consistency. That is going to happen when you have so many freshmen playing key roles, and we are still working to try and figure that out. When we have been able to put together a consistent effort from everyone on the floor, great things happen,” he said. “The ability is there, we just need to find a way to bring it every point.”Senior libero Michael Piechowski said another season-long struggle has been playing at a steady, high level.“Our struggle has been our consistency in matches and really staying aggressive against every opponent. As you know, our team is very young and we have a lot of freshmen. I would say our biggest improvement has been their ability to come ready to play and bring it,” he said.Senior middle blocker Jonathan Newton agreed, saying the players vary by matches.“Some games we will have one player playing good and another having an off game, and that has thrown us off during games. Like our coach said, we just need everyone to play the 80 percent level of good volleyball all the time and we will be able to beat anyone,” Newton said.OSU also celebrated its seniors in their last match of the regular season and in Columbus. The honored players included libero Danny Baker, Newton, Piechowski and Heinen, who will not be returning to OSU next year.Next up for the Buckeyes is the MIVA tournament, and their first match is set for Saturday against Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne in Fort Wayne, Ind. read more

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