Jovic is a mystery

first_imgIt is not that this Madrid that functions as a goldsmith (ten different scorers in January alone) needs Jovic’s goals. The but It is in the medium term. He was signed at the price (€ 60M) of a great forward at mid-point cooking so that he absorbed everything he could from Benzema, but is disconnected and, what is worse, it seems to bother the rest of the team, accustomed to Karim’s extreme mobility. “Jovic knows he has to work, it has to adapt … these complicated moments will come in handy, “was the recipe Zidane recommended in Zaragoza. It didn’t sound like reproach. Less coming from a technician who took a cape and shield to defend the Balkan in Saudi Arabia:” It’s the future, it will make many goals here. “DisconnectedBut the case is that Jovic only remembers the sensation of marking them of his days in the Eintracht. In Madrid, somewhat in 748 minutes. With the club frankfurter was wearing at this point last season 18 goals, including a glorious poker to Fortuna Düsseldorf (three with the left, one with the right hand and another with the head).But that day when he revolutionized the Bundesliga explains well what Jovic is like. The five targets went to Hugo Sánchez style, at a touch. Pim, pam, pim, pam, pum. The antithesis of Benzema. The French barely joins a shared shyness that Karim took off since Cristiano left. Jovic, on the other hand, is having language problems (although Modric throws a cable) and, in the field, gets into his shell. A mystery that has to unravel Zidane. The only but of the Real Madrid in La Romareda it was Luka Jovic. It is not the typical case that the adversative conjunction works to cancel the first part of the sentence. The white team dominated Zaragoza on its serious road to the Cup, although still not understanding his center forward substitute.Jovic’s statistics yesterday was an informer. He only touched the ball 14 times in 73 minutes, less than half of the ball touches than his goalkeeper. Areola did it 34 times. Jovic gave barely seven passes (One every ten minutes!), Three times less than the French firefighter. When the player closest to your goal intervenes more than the man closest to the rival goal, bad business.last_img read more