Bordalás: “I am in love with Ajax vertical football”

first_img—At last week of Ajax. How does it start?–Many interviews, something big is coming because the team is among the best, which is not normal in this League. It is not easy to maintain this level for a small team. We stay in the fight with the best.“Do you think he will continue to have Angel?”–I hope the president won’t let him out. We are a modest and it would be serious to weaken at this time. A big risk now that we have so many things at stake. He is our top scorer.“What is the use of the Camp Nou game?”–In Barcelona the team was fantastic. An action of the best and an error penalized us. Any Barça player is worth what the entire Getafe. We are a six hundred competing with a Formula 1.“Is Ajax also an F-1?”–It is a great team, semifinalist of the last Champions. We compete in a much higher level league and we are used to face very good teams almost every week. There we can have our possibilities.—A school club. A unique style?–Ajax has since its inception a football similar to the current one. An interpretation of total football that began with Rinus Michels in the seventies with Ajax and the Orange Mechanic. Decades have passed and they keep the essence. It is not the same as Barça that began to interpret it with the arrival of Cruyff as coach. They have had many models. Ajax from Michels until today has made a very offensive football, with talented players. He has taken care of it at the base and is a factory to get players with incredible potential and talent. – It is inevitable to remember that tie with Bayern.–They tell us, but we try to enjoy this tie. I have been called from everywhere to come see these games.—How will you focus on the costumes?–The players are aware of what is at stake. We do not know when we will have another opportunity to do something beautiful that can be left in the history of Getafe and football.“The full Coliseum, 2,000 blues in Amsterdam.” A lot of responsibility?–There is a tremendous illusion. The fans are with the team and recognize their work. They are aware that Getafe is not going to let them down, something else will be the result, because Ajax is very large. It fills us with pride and responsibility. A tie that will be seen throughout the world. Getafe’s name will be everywhere. “He says he would adapt to his players.” When I get to a big one, what will be non-negotiable for Bordalás? “Before Ajax we can stay in the history of Getafe and football” –The only non-negotiable is work. Football goes very fast and the big ones have difficulties to overcome the little ones. Our Camp Nou match is an example. Barça ended up asking for the time and delaying changes and take-offs.“Is this Ajax the same as last year or has it lost potential?”–Most of his players and the coach continue. It is a club that young and talented players never stop out of and that surprise you. They are fast, very dynamic and high quality soccer players. He eliminated top teams and I have no doubt that they are favorites in this tie.“Where do Getafe’s options begin?”–Especially in the Coliseum. With the support of our people and our good moment we have to take advantage of it. Play without any complex. Our advantage is that we are used to playing against teams of this level.“The same does not play an Ajax-Getafe again.” How it lives?–It is a historic match for many of us, for the fans and for the club. It is a beautiful tie that has raised a lot of expectation. It is good for football that a modest has the opportunity to face one of the great historical of Europe.center_img —The position game or the so-called tiqui-taca. Are they an evolution of that?–It has nothing to do with it. The Ajax of the seventies was very vertical with Rep or Cruyff. His transitions were dizzying and he continues to maintain that. They are technically well endowed and that is why they can make very long possessions. The tiqui-taca is something else.—Cruyff was always a model for Bordalás. For that verticality?–Yes. I have been in love with his interpretation of football. Many people talk about the Dream Team Barça without having seen it. If we remember Koeman making changes of orientation and putting balls behind his back, Goiko and Stoichkov making break points, Bakero earning aerial actions … They had the ball and possession and were able to surprise you with passes from their own field.– What would Bordalás need to interpret that football as he would like?–In a small team you cannot have the most complete players, you have your possibilities and you must adapt. The best coach is the one who gets the best performance from his players.—The key is usually in the center of the field. What do Arambarri and Maksimovic give you?–They bring a lot of balance. They are constantly recovering balls and helping all their teammates. They are very complete, but they lack calm and precision after recovery. They are very young and will improve on that. “Will this be the last?”–It need not be. We face it with ambition and respecting the rival. We do not think it is the last, we will try to spend two great games.– Will there be rotations as before in this competition or is this tie different?–We will have to analyze how are the players with more load of minutes. We will make decisions knowing that everything is not over on Thursday and that another very difficult game will have to be played again on Sunday.– Eliminate Ajax and go far or reach the Champions League through LaLiga?–Knows me. Thursday and nothing more. There are many games left and hopefully we will find ourselves in these testas at the end of the season. It will be very complicated and we would have to win many games. Let’s go stage by stage. “I hope the president won’t let Angel out. He’s our top scorer.”last_img read more