Health Matters Maximizing Efforts to Maintaining Your Health

first_img We hear the terms “good health” and “good healthcare” being thrown around quite a lot lately. It seems like these terms are used mostly by our government officials and the medical insurance industry.  Unfortunately, as many Americans are well aware, neither of these entities provide medical care and consequently don’t really understand what those two terms mean. The expression “good health” does not have a specific definition which can be applied to all circumstances because it is a personal decision that each of us make for ourselves, and discuss with our physicians in order to obtain advice regarding maintaining  what we feel is “good health.” Thus, it would logically follow that the definition of good healthcare would be the “provision of good health” via advice from one’s physician based on what the patient feels is important to maintaining their health. In order for a physician to provide the best advice regarding your specific medical problem, he/she needs to spend as much time as possible getting to know you, listening to your problem, asking specific questions relating to your problem, reviewing your past medical history and your medication list as thoroughly as possible. This takes time, which is in short supply in the healthcare industry, and with many new government and insurance company rules which require more of the physician’s time to be spent documenting an office visit, that time is in much shorter supply these days. Consequently, I have changed my medical practice in order to maximize the amount of face to face time with my patients so that I can provide the best medical care possible. Along with this, I have converted my practice to an entirely house-call based practice in order to be as user friendly and convenient as possible. I will see patients in their home, nursing home, assisted living facility, foster care home or even come to your work place to provide healthcare. My nurse and I will spend up to one hour with you for your regularly scheduled visits, and up to 30 minutes for same/next day urgent visits. Additionally, you will have direct email and phone access to your nurse and physician for a much more personal experience. This new medical practice is ideally suited for those patients who have a very hard time getting out of their home, those who are self-employed and can’t spend time waiting in an office to see their doctor, and for those who need to take time off of work to drive a loved one to their doctor. Imagine the time and money saved when you don’t have to spend time away from work taking your loved one to their doctor’s office, waiting for the visit to be completed, then driving them back home.  Rest assured that I will spend the time required in order to cautiously review your medications and past medical history as well as listen to your problems and answer your questions thoroughly. Make a decision for better healthcare today, check us out on the web at [email protected] or 541-719-8398. This practice launches officially on June 2, 2014. By Randy Visser, DO FACP 0 Twitter Share. Pinterest Health Matters Maximizing Efforts to Maintaining Your Health Facebookcenter_img on May 13, 2014 E-Headlines LinkedIn Tumblr Google+ Emaillast_img read more