Legarda slams entry of Chinese vessels in Semirara amid lockdown

first_img“Both the national government andprovincial government directives did not exempt coal exports from therestrictions. SMPC needs to show their legal basis for the continuation ofthese exports to show they are not in violation of these restrictions,”she further said. Antique lone district representative Loren Legarda seeks an explanation from the Semirara Mining and Power Corporation about the alleged entry of Chinese vessels to Semirara Island in Caluya, Antique amid lockdown. According to her, there had already been seven vessels in the island since last month. ABS-CBN NEWS “The export of coal from Semirarato the Chinese at this time is not an essential industry. So, why is there a needfor Chinese vessels? This important question begs for an answer. The welfare ofmy people is paramount,” Legarda said. MANILA – The Semirara Mining and PowerCorporation (SMPC) should give an explanation about the alleged entry ofChinese vessels to Semirara Island in Caluya, Antique amid the declaration of alockdown in the area, according to the province’s lone district representativeLoren Legarda. Legarda said in a statement on April 22 that there had been already sevenvessels since last month inspected by the Bureau of Quarantine, Bureau ofCustoms and Bureau of Immigration in the island.In January, Legarda added that she already gave a recommendation to temporarilydisallow the entry of Chinese vessels in Antique.She also questioned the legal basis of the exportation of coal during thiscoronavirus disease 2019 crisis. “I cannot reassure my constituentsthat all measures taken are sufficient until I have all the information I needfrom the company. Even the local governments are not clear on the protocolsthey follow,” the former senator added. Legarda has been contacting theofficials of SMPC for an explanation. Earlier this week, Save Antique Movementreleased photos and video footage on social media showing ships it claimed tobe Chinese vessels docking in the port of Semirara Island./PNlast_img read more