Mike Dillon References The “Cheeto In Chief” At Chaotic Tour Closer [Videos]

first_imgMike Dillon isn’t here to make things easy for you or himself or the world, and last night – February 12th – he showed the awestruck crowd at Lexington’s Cosmic Charlie’s, sitting in the shadows of the University Of Kentucky. Dillon has, for decades, been living proof of the fact that life isn’t always meant to be analyzed and quantified, it is to be LIVED! His music oscillates between expansively beautiful melodies and terrifying staccato insanity in the blink of an eye. He and his band slap you in the face before caressing you musically, then they push you off a mile high cliff with a cacophonous soundtrack to accompany your descent.While the music he makes may be proving the point that life is made up of seemingly contradictory concepts, it isn’t part of some musical master plan on his part. Dillon’s life has been a twisted tale of addiction and freedom. He has taken two steps forward, into a back flip before being shot out of a cannon into an uncertain future with no regard to the safety of a net or even an actual target. Though most performers would find such a method for executing a stage show daunting, embracing the unknown at a thousand miles an hour is seemingly Dillon’s cruising speed.There was no set list for the tour closing show. There was no plan. Dillon’s backing band of simply followed their maestros lead with all the intensity and versatility any musician could muster. That level of trust, forged on the recent barnstorming run across the country, allowed Dillon to do what he does best… preach the gospel of punk rock mentality in a world filled a highly disturbing reality. Even his love songs had a bit of the macabre in their lyrical message, as in the following clip, “Cremate Me.”A typical Mike Dillon show contains many elements that each contribute to the shocking of the senses required to rewire the mind to seeing the world in a more honestly perceptive manner. Dillon hit all the big points like a whirling dervish as he managed to astound with his percussive skills across a wide variety of drums, xylophones and toys. He bounded from the stage and confronted the fans directly. He even made sure to give time to the incredible players he has assembled to help in spreading the word to the masses. In the fourteen plus minute clip that follows he manages to hit for the cycle, even working in a special address to the camera and the viewers at home for good measure! Check out the anarchy below:Now, before the next media embed, I just wanted to note that filming Mike Dillon is like trying to play basketball in a tornado. No matter how many times you have practiced the shot, if the goal post is ripped out of the ground and goes whipping around in the sky, it is a lot harder to get it in the hoop. And if that goal post then decides to grab the ball and run around the field with it while cackling like a madman… well… you just have to accept that you may not get to play any more. That said, the story he tells about seeing the Grateful Dead and the effect it had on his life was too poignant and funny to not share, so there is an audio only YouTube clip of the entire tale below. Enjoy!The experience seems to have had a lasting effect on the now long time sober Dillon. In a career that has seen him evolve from punk rock firebrand to alternative darling to most favored percussionist to any band or artist that needs a heaping dollop of mayhem like his friend Les Claypool and Primus one thing has remained a constant…his complete lack of filter. While now clearly able to channel and direct the mad energy that crackles just below his smiling surface, Mike Dillon is at his most pure when he is letting the mischievous demons and angels inside him run wild and free.In his often completely free-style lyrics he referenced the “Cheeto-In-Chief” and the mood of the country as often as he described lurid sex acts and told tales of meeting former students of his mother, a retired school teacher. It is probably of interest to note that the last two examples both occur in the same song, “Your Mother Was My Teacher.” The rest of the show was simply more of the same insanity designed to expand the mind and musical horizons of everyone within earshot.Dillon ended the show on a rant of a different nature. He called on folks to shower love on our new president, to a chorus of boos and cat calls. He chided the derisive audience, reminding them that Trump’s actions clearly show him to be a profoundly unhappy man, with the world at his fingertips but still unable to enjoy it. The thrust of his argument rang as true now as it always has…”Only LOVE can Trump hate.” Over and over he repeated those words, growing more and more animate as he went, with the band matching his verbal intensity with their playing. Then, with a final cymbal crash it was done.Always exuberant, the energetic Dillon hurdled the on-stage monitors and manned his merchandise table, apparently selling nearly every shirt and CD he had with him to the freshly converted among the crowd. Shaking every hand, signing every disc and shirt sold and posing for pictures his friendly off stage persona seemed to surprise some of the virgin fans. Though unexpectedly approachable, his demeanor cemented the message he had been trying to convey bout the power of being true to yourself in their minds perfectly. We can only hope the seeds of hope and love he planted sprout among the shell-shocked fans who wandered into the night, searching for the words to describe the wonders they had witnessed.last_img read more

Big Data Is Bigger Than Ever

first_imgHow big is Big Data?Business users are increasingly turning to data management and advanced analytic technologies that enable organizations to uncover business insights. These insights can help them operate with more efficiency, build improved products, and provide more relevant services to their customers. However, to get the most benefit from these next-generation technologies, organizations must determine where and how they can best leverage Big Data to obtain the greatest value. This premise is the foundation of my recently published book Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business.The book’s working title was the ”Big Data MBA.“ It’s a hands-on, pragmatic handbook chock-full of practical advice for IT and business stakeholders alike as they progress in their journeys toward leveraging Big Data to drive business value. It’s designed to help business users who have already grasped the organization’s value creation processes, but lack a clear understanding of how to utilize the technologies that are going to allow them to harvest the greatest business benefits.The concept behind the Big Data MBA is to seize and explore businesses opportunities that will lead to improved value creation processes, optimized key business processes, and the discovery of new monetization opportunities to drive all data, data management, and analytics-related technology decisions.Sounds simple, right? While this concept may appear straightforward, the behind-the-scenes work required to strategize and execute a plan to derive value from Big Data is inherently complex. It requires laser focus, commitment, and a complete understanding of targeted business initiatives. In my new book, I outline how to go about creating and fine-tuning innovative strategies to better understand how to implement analytics in a way that will make the business users most effective.Follow the link to my recent InFocus blog post where I have published a Readers Guide to highlight the most relevant chapters based on the most popular areas of interest. Although most of the chapters are valuable regardless of the reader’s position in the organization, some chapters may be more interesting to those who are really looking to delve into the how-to details. I hope you enjoy it!last_img read more

Summit addresses off campus safety

first_img Hechlinski said efforts to keep residents informed are aided by both the neighborhood watch program and the distribution of information regarding incidents with students as victims by student government. After a brief introduction by Tim Sexton, associate vice president for Public Affairs at the University, student body president Catherine Soler spoke about what student government has been doing to deal with off-campus issues and how students have responded. Also citing the forum with ResLife and the presentation by attorney C.L. Lindsay, Soler said things have improved with regards to students and off-campus problems since the implementation of the recent programming. “Our focus … has been off-campus safety and community relations,” Soler said.  Next, Sgt. Pat Hechlinski spoke about what police are offering citizens both in traditional law enforcement as well as spreading information and taking advantage of both civilian and interdepartmental cooperative efforts. Members of the South Bend community gathered with leaders from the University, student government, the Prosecutor’s Office and law enforcement at the Robinson Community Learning Center. Tuesday for the second annual Northeast Neighborhood Safety Summit.  Dvorak said while he understands the relatively minor nature of alcohol offenses, he feels that students need to recognize that the consequences are still serious. He said it was important that all groups involved in the issue continue to collaborate.  After an update on the case of the carjacking of Holy Cross students, Dvorak spoke about the crackdown on underage drinking at the beginning of the year. While the previous speakers concentrated on how crime can be prevented, County Prosecutor Michael Dvorak next spoke about what his office has been doing to deal with offenders once prevention has failed and where students can reduce problems with police. “I think they’ve dialed down on underage drinking,” he said. “It’s still a crime, and they’ll use their discretion.” “In our updates with police … we’ve been getting good reports about students being good neighbors,” she said. Soler said they have a good neighbor guide, have been meeting with campus and South Bend police and have a website, [email protected] Shibata said residents should avoid giving potential criminals access to unsecured entrances to homes or clear views of expensive items in cars.  “Make your property a harder target,” she said. “Keeping an open dialogue is a great problem-solver for us,” he said. “Be aware of crime problems and other neighborhood concerns [and] communicate concerns to police,” she said. “One thing we like to do is make you aware of the crime statistics so the residents can see what’s going on,” he said.  “[Police and prosecutor work] is all pretty reactive, the damage has been done,” he said. “We try to hold people accountable.” “Claim the neighborhood as your own. It’s ours, not the criminals’ ,” she said. “I’m not unsympathetic,” he said. “It’s a crime, and I don’t think students understand it’s not just an infraction.” “This has been a very significant issues,” he said. “It has less to do with people under 21 consuming alcoholic beverages than it does about safety.”  Dvorak said he believed student cooperation has helped cause a shift back from arrests to ticketing and reminded students to cooperate with law enforcement during an incident. Shibata also reminded residents to be cautious of people they do not know, to be proactive about possible threats, become acquainted and work with neighbors and taking greater ownership and involvement in the community. Offering advice on how students and South Bend residents alike can improve their personal security, Notre Dame Security Police Officer Keri Kei Shibata was next to speak. Shibata said a lot of things people can do seem like common sense but are often looked over.last_img read more

Alumni serve displaced Hispanics in Chicago

first_imgPhoto courtesy of Su Casa Class of 2012 graduates Adam Cowden (left) and Kyla Wargel wrap Christmas gifts for guests at Su Casa, a Chicago shelter that serves Hispanic women and children who are victims of domestic violence.Cowden, with another 2012 graduate Kyla Wargel live and work among the guests at Su Casa. Their responsibilities include cooking, cleaning, daily house upkeep, tutoring, information technology/administrative services and communications support.Su Casa’s volunteer work also includes a soup kitchen that serves the larger community three times a week and an outreach program that seeks to educate others on issues that affect the Latino population, such as homelessness, domestic violence and immigration reform. “Workers also help provide … fundraising support, volunteer coordination, house management, food and donation pickup and processing, maintenance services and occasional childcare,” Cowden said. “Most of my responsibilities fall within case management support, tutoring, IT support and communications.”Cowden first became involved with Su Casa when he participated in an Urban Plunge trip through Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns in the winter of 2010, he said. “The experience left a lasting impression on me,” Cowden said. “After a year of living and working in Nashville, Tenn., following graduation, I wanted to spend a year doing service while figuring out my next steps, including where I wanted to apply for grad school. Su Casa was the first place I thought of, and they happened to be looking for volunteers at the time I inquired.”Cowden said the education he received at Notre Dame influenced his decision to come to Su Casa. “Studying Political Science and PPE [Philosophy, Politics and Economics] with a focus on development at Notre Dame and writing a senior thesis related to international development allowed me to explore my interest in development and working in developmentally disadvantaged areas and helped prepare me to examine some of the challenges that our guests face with a critical eye,” Cowden said.Tags: Class of 2012, Su Casa Two Notre Dame alumni currently reside as live-in workers at Su Casa, a house of hospitality in South Chicago, as part of a ministry class of 2012 graduate Adam Cowden said is three-fold.“We provide hospitality and a healing environment for displaced Hispanic people who are poor, homeless, and oppressed; we partner with our neighbors to make our community a better place to live, and we engage in educational and social action activities concerning social justice issues related to our ministry,” Cowden said.Located in an old Franciscan friary, Su Casa provides an environment of healing and hope to displaced Latino families. It primarily serves Latino women and children who have left domestic violence situations, and workers live among the guests. last_img read more

Developer Equitrans raises cost of contested Mountain Valley Pipeline to $5.8 billion

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享The Roanoke Times:The Mountain Valley Pipeline has once again pushed its completion date back and the project cost up.Equitrans Midstream Corp., the lead partner in a joint venture of five energy companies that has faced widespread environmental problems while building the natural gas pipeline, made the announcement Tuesday.Rather than completing construction early next year as planned, the company is now targeting a full in-service date “during the second half of 2021,” a news release stated. The cost, which was estimated to be $3.7 billion when construction started in 2018, now stands at between $5.8 billion and $6 billion. The latest increase was attributed largely to the more costly task of continuing construction through the winter, which Mountain Valley plans to do in order to make up time lost to legal challenges.Despite the latest setback, Equitrans chairman and CEO Thomas Karam remained bullish on the project during a conference call to discuss third quarter results with financial analysts. “Our confidence has not changed because of these expected challenges, at all,” he said.Pipeline opponents, however, were encouraged by the latest news. They hope a sustained legal attack will eventually force Mountain Valley to cancel the project — as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline did in July — and help turn the tide to renewable energy.Although the project is two years behind schedule, it has far more pipe in the ground than Atlantic Coast did when it decided to fold.[Laurence Hammack]More: Another delay, cost increase for the Mountain Valley Pipeline Developer Equitrans raises cost of contested Mountain Valley Pipeline to $5.8 billionlast_img read more

Police Release Sketch of Man Found Dead in Massapequa

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Nassau County police said a man found dead in Massapequa last week is a homicide victim and released a sketch of the victim in the hopes that someone can help identify him.Investigators determined the victim suffered blunt force trauma and stab wounds, police said. The unidentified man was described as Hispanic, in his late teens to early 20s. He was wearing a dark-colored, three-buttoned American Eagle brand shirt, police said.The body is believed to have been in the woods of Massapequa Preserve for several weeks before the discovery was made near Seaview Avenue and Ocean Avenue at 2:07 p.m. Thursday, authorities added.Homicide Squad detectives are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information on the discovery to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS. All callers will remain anonymous.last_img read more

A big voice for a small credit union: Using employees and social media to amplify your brand

first_imgWhat has the highest value at your credit union? I’m guessing it’s not something that’s kept in your vault. Look around. It’s who you see all around you–your co-workers, your employees, your member/owners stopping into your branches every day. These are your best assets. Are you using them to help promote your brand? If you’re not enabling and empowering your employees and happy customers to be your biggest brand advocates, you’re certainly leaving a ton of low-cost opportunity on the table. And your competition (banks, non-traditional financial services, disruptive services) are scooping up what you leave behind and laughing all the way to the…bank!Grabbing the opportunitiesTo give you a better sense of just exactly what opportunities are being missed by small businesses today, take a look at the data from this report:Half of small companies do not even have a website.Ninety percent of small businesses have not optimized their site for mobile.While 78% of consumers’ purchases are influenced by online reviews, 87% of small business owners do not ask their customers for reviews, according to other research we commissioned.The report goes on to supply the following 5 ‘marketing musts’ for small businesses to compete in today’s competitive landscape:Build a website that works well on both desktops and mobile devices.Claim directory listings on sites like Google Maps and Yelp.Secure positive online reviews from customers.Establish a social media presence.Stay engaged with existing customers.While I doubt that any of the above items will come as a surprise to you, it’s time to think about if you’ve made all of these items a priority yet. I would assume you all have a website for your credit union, but is it mobile-friendly? Google changed the game about what happens when your site is not mobile-ready back in April.It’s the last three items on the list above I want to expand on here. It’s no longer just enough to have a social media presence and speak highly about your brand through your brand. People are seeking something much more genuine, and it doesn’t get much more genuine than your members and employees saying how much they value working and doing business with you.Empowering your advocatesAccording to this article about getting employees excited about their work, we are twice as likely to trust someone “just like us” as we are a CEO. Encouraging employees to speak about what they love about their jobs on their personal social media channels will boost your recruitment and retention strategies, create a positive culture of pride about your organization, and show potential members that this is a good place to do business.You can’t force this behavior however, or it will never be genuine, and members and potential customers will see it for the contrived attempt at “being real” and it can work against you. Here are some simple guidelines to follow to set you off in the right direction with employee advocacy on social media:Recognize and engage your “early adopters:” Ask a handful of employees active on social media if they would want to share content about their work in their personal social media feeds. If so, why and if not, why not?Customize your plan: Based on employees’ interest, provide them with easily sharable content about the good you do, the community involvement, helping people, giving back, making a difference. This is what employees are proud of about where they work and will have incentive to share with friends and family on their social media channels.Empower employees and make it fun: give them clear rules of engagement so everyone feels comfortable and safe that they are following protocol and meeting brand/company standards. But be sure to make it fun, too, by showing off all the good things people are saying. Consider adding a monitor in the branches that shows a feed of all your social mentions using tools such as TwitterFall.By making it fun, convenient and safe, you can easily empower your employees, and even your members , to amplify your brand voice and truly use the cooperative advantage—your connection to your community—to the benefit of your organization, and stand out as a better choice against your bigger competition. 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Holly Fearing Holly lives and breathes social media; if you can’t find her IRL, try reaching out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, and you’ll likely get her right away. … Web: www.filene.org Detailslast_img read more

Split-Dalmatia County Tender Named “Maritime Heritage”

first_imgThe Split-Dalmatia County has announced a tender “Maritime Heritage” for financing projects in the field of protection and valorization of maritime heritage in the County in 2019. The subject of the competition is the promotion, protection and revitalization of maritime heritage and the promotion of the project “Maritime is good”. The objectives of the competition are to create an offer of products and experiences based on the tradition of maritime and fisheries, promotion of the project “Maritime is good”, preservation, protection, development and promotion of maritime heritage through tourism valorization on the principles of sustainable tourism and maritime, promotion of scientific achievements and scientific research. maritime affairs and the promotion of the historical and natural value and maritime heritage of the Split-Dalmatia County. It will also strive to promote safe and environmentally sustainable maritime transport and maritime infrastructure, encourage the application of appropriate environmental standards in the protection and valorization of the marine environment, reduce the harmful effects of pollution from maritime facilities, internationally promote centuries of experience in traditional construction of wooden boats and ships. to bring together attractions and stories related to the fishing tradition and thus create a critical mass of attractions to make the theme of fishing attractive to visitors, preserve and revitalize the fishing tradition and educate the local population. The competition lasts until April 26, 2019 and is published on the official website of the County. Associations, local self-government units, local tourist boards, public institutions, companies and crafts registered in the Split-Dalmatia County have the right to apply. Photo: pomorskodobro.dalmacija.hr You can download the competition and all selection criteria HERE.last_img read more

CNTB issued a public call for the selection of media and PR agencies for foreign markets

first_imgIn 2020, the CNTB intends to conduct up to 5 advertising campaigns According to the public invitation, the three goals of the marketing plan 2014-2020. : Strengthening the Croatian brand as a tourist destination, attracting an additional number of tourists in the pre-season and post-season and increasing the average daily consumption of realized tourists. The total budget for advertising on the foreign market (includes agency commission and all other costs of the agency related to media leasing) for activities related to the implementation of online and offline marketing activities in 2020, the CNTB provides funds in the total amount of 40.000.000,00, XNUMX kn without VAT. The Croatian National Tourist Board has published public calls for the selection of media and PR agencies, which relate to foreign markets in 2020. Delivery deadline for each category: 26.08.2019. Find out more details in the attachment. Side dish: center_img The public call for media agencies refers to the development of an advertising strategy, the development of media plans and the implementation of activities confirmed in the media plan for 2020. The second public call for the selection of a PR agency relates to the development of an international PR strategy and the adaptation of strategies to the required markets, as well as the design and implementation of a PR strategy for the CNTB in 2020. Source: CNTB / Public call for media agency Selection of a media agency for the development of an advertising strategy and media plan and the implementation of CNTB marketing activities in foreign emitting markets in 2020 with the possibility of extending cooperation in 2021 Selection of a PR agency for the development and implementation of a PR strategy and implementation of international PR activities in the field of media relations, social media and online communication, as well as events and PR projects for the CNTB in 2020 with the possibility of extending cooperation in 2021.last_img read more

The railway pioneers

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