Domain deletion list August 25 2007


domain name registration agency cost and 55 yuan / year / month, 620 special offer agent 120 space 150m nets.
more please login: /domain.htm   /> CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Tmall Medical Center high profile debut only the show does not involve transactions

Tmall official micro-blog screenshot


technology news February 28th morning news, affected by internal factors such as license qualification, spin off, Taobao has been in the adjustment of the pharmaceutical category finally identified belonging: Tmall Medical Museum officially launched today, commodity content from the field of health care products to develop drugs, but the cat only provide medicines to display information, trading will complete the jump according to the official website of taking medicine. read more

The real thing ndustrial and commercial administration to carry out special action to regulate the

[Abstract] electronic products, auto parts, clothing shoes and hats, children older products are the focus of the field.

in new network on 3 June, according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce website news network, in order to standardize the market order, and promote the healthy development of the network market, recently, SAIC issued "notice about carrying out the 2015 Red Shield network sword special action" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). "Notice" requirements, during the special operation, according to key commodity consumers, operators and media and the reflection of the outstanding issues, focused on investigating violations of various types of sales network infringement of fake and shoddy goods, the timely release of online shopping consumer warning and exposure dishonest website. read more

The Ministry of Commerce No 7 the electricity supplier to modify trading rules for the record of 7


technology news December 30th afternoon, People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce on December 24, 2014 issued the "procedures for the retail network third party platform trading rules (Trial)", implemented since April 1, 2015.

the requirements of the Ministry of commerce is responsible for the construction of network retail third party platform trading rules filing system, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the administrative department of commerce is responsible for the daily management of the retail network platform for third party trading rules. Retail network of third party platform operators should implement the trading rules within seven days to log on to the network retail third party platform trading rules filing system, submit the provisions listed in the trading rules, to solicit public opinion and reply to the handling opinions. read more

Some suggestions on how to carry out network marketing for small and medium sized enterprises

network marketing is getting closer and closer to the public, doing business on the Internet is getting more and more optimistic about how to do a good job in e-commerce, Connaught network professional marketing planner believes that there are the following:

a, the establishment of their own company’s Web site, to achieve customer trust.

this is the primary problem of e-commerce, because online business and network business. We must first have a platform to display their own, a taste of what the free online platform called not, those are not consistent with the needs of e-commerce, such as those who are unable to SEO website template (search engine optimization), even if you register the website, bad luck, good for customers you can not find, do one thing must have little effect, no effect did and didn’t do what two, a regular site independent domain name, regular website and record customer confidence. read more

Network sale prescription drugs detonated new layout of online pharmacies

Beijing News creative photography / Wang Yuanzheng

– industry observation

net sales of prescription drugs can forced medical reform it?

since May last year, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the Internet food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft) and public comment, has been more than six months. On the "measures" introduced time of speculation has been derived from the end of 2014 after the Spring Festival, NPC and CPPCC multiple versions, although the "measures" has not been formally introduced, but the industry generally believe that the release net sales of prescription drugs is represent the general trend which is not controversial. From around 2000, the prescription and non prescription drugs are not allowed to gradually open up the net sales of non prescription net sales, net sales of prescription drugs is the final release policy level to adapt to the actual "open". Thus, a number of pharmaceutical electricity supplier beachhead layout is logical. May release just a matter of time, from the Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants to the Jingdong, Ali traditional electricity providers, who want to take the net sales of prescription drugs this "cake", after all, the industry estimates nearly trillion yuan market scale is enough to make any one drool with envy. read more

Mogujie com for the new project acquisition shop Larry domain xiaodian com Cn

renamed China ( following the January 18th hearing, pat Network launched the "micro pat shop, pocket shopping launched the" micro shop ", recently, focus on women shopping business platform also launched a similar mobile phone shop" APP shop ", and also low-key secret bought double spell domain name

figure: store

it is reported that launched a personal shop APP shop, allowing users to open a shop with a mobile phone free of charge, and support for timely communication and at any time to mention cash function, secured transactions, protect account security, etc.. read more

SAC was forced to withdraw the text Ali really win it This is just the beginning

under the State Administration for Industry and commerce "on the administrative guidance work of the Alibaba’s white paper" from the home page to withdraw, the government seems to compromise, Ali and Ali what energy, how can

an exception?

/ Li Chengdong business angel investor, Tencent, Jingdong, the generation of electricity supplier strategy analyst

[East] each electricity supplier interpretation of CCTV "weekly quality report", checks enterprises, no exceptions are acknowledging the problem, rectification!!! Ali, is the only exception!!! The only read more

The 11 part double shop Tmall international questioned genuine products fish in troubled water

"double 11" is coming, who lives in Sichuan online shopping Master Xiaomei (a pseudonym) started early in the Internet bubble, prepared in the network Carnival once a year to buy some favorite products.

October 16th, the United States saw "South Korea LG whoo/ after the Gongcheng enjoy the charm of direct mail nourishing of 6 sets of products in the Tmall LG store overseas international health flagship store, the price a lot cheaper than usual. So, in accordance with this year’s double 11 rules to pay a deposit. read more

Tmall brand slogan 6 business scenarios to define the future

introduction: Tmall officially unveiled a new brand slogan is "Tmall, just bought". This is the second since the April 17th Tmall annual strategic announcement, another action, but also means that Tmall further comprehensive fashion strategy landing.

July 28th noon news, Tmall officially unveiled a new brand slogan is "Tmall, just bought". This is the second since the April 17th Tmall annual strategic announcement, another action, but also means that Tmall further comprehensive fashion strategy landing. read more

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