O2O’s got the money Expanding goods money is for the winter

history repeats itself?

time pulled back to 2010 – 2012, when China’s electricity business in the past two years to experience a wave of vertical B2C rise tide and a group of thousands of battle". However, good times don’t last long vertical electricity supplier winter capital ", accompanied by the severe winter of 2012 to a wave of vertical B2C began layoffs, cut the market, finally evolved into a closed or sold tide, including former star companies, such as cotton, Lok, red child, vertical B2C to live in through the expansion of the category, the transformation of integrated business platform, and where the customer is one of the most controversial and the twists and turns of a…… read more

State Administration for ndustry and Commerce jointly Baidu push electricity supplier website super

Baidu Inc President Zhang Yaqin attended the signing of the press conference


technology news January 12th afternoon news, Baidu Inc today and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly held a press conference in Beijing, announced that the three party research project "the national e-commerce web site monitoring service system" reached a strategic cooperation agreement.


director of State Administration for Industry and commerce, deputy general secretary Zhang Guohua, the advertising supervisor Secretary Liu Hongliang, director of the Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau Baidu CEO Zhang Yaqin Chen Yonghe jointly completed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement. Zhang Yaqin said that the strategic cooperation is an important step in the purification of Baidu network environment, promote the construction of network integrity. read more

The cross border electricity providers to join the melee purchasing circle of friends retreat

Hou Meng rented room in a mess. Hera lipstick, natural paradise aloe gel, cream, make-up, snail thinking 3CE sulwhasoo…… These large shopping malls in a cosmetics counter in the sought after goods, scattered in every corner of the room. "Part of it was a while ago I brought it back from Korea, and part of it was shipped back from korea." Although most of the stock sold these days, but looking at the price of competitors on the computer screen, she is still very worried.

a few days ago, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong went to the Hou dream often go to the east gate of Seoul market, and organized a great in strength and impetus investment, Jingdong "Korea Pavilion" will open. Natural paradise aloe vera to prop up Hou purchasing business nearly half of the sales dream "has appeared on the front page of Jingdong, 69 yuan, Bihoumeng sales price is still lower. In China and South Korea free trade agreement was signed, with the Jingdong, Tmall, 5 to help buy electricity providers to join the fray, once popular Korean goods purchasing is under tremendous impact. read more

Online shopping beauty talk about the impact of online shopping on traditional businesses

Time flies quickly,

, 2009 will soon become the past, at the end of every year is very busy, a few days ago to participate in the "Shenyang commercial street shops will participate in the gold medal", a topic of discussion "online shopping will impact to traditional commercial street". Let me talk about the current situation of online shopping.

for online shopping, such a huge topic, I am not qualified to do more comments, I can only from my own point of view to talk about my simple view. That’s why I wrote my little feelings today. read more

Electricity supplier into fake and shoddy dumping site consumer rights difficult

every reporter Qi Wenting from Shenzhen

electricity supplier channels have been homogeneous low price products as a competitive weapon, but behind the cheap, but also hidden a hidden rules: electricity supplier channels become fake and shoddy products an important dumping site.

the "daily economic news" reporter in-depth investigation found that Taobao double crown seller "Xintai digital communications" suspected of selling Apple refurbished, shoddy, and consumers in the purchase of fake but in no complaints. read more

Media reporter shame is not the makeup

  absurd media, absurd news, with these two words to describe today’s newspapers and magazines on the domain of news coverage is not too much. Not long ago, a raise a Babel of criticism of "central set" domain name, to "love Chinese" one yuan a person’s ridiculous farce, insiders look like a clown like to look at the joke is staged continuously, but still have no way to prevent more domain name speculation atmosphere.

a registered boring hype, it could have a hundred dollars worth of domain name speculation to 1 billion 300 million, enough to see the current domestic media reporters on the network knowledge pale. Any junk domain name, as long as you dare to say that the media would dare to write. A aizhongguo.com value of 1 billion 300 million. That zhongguo.com is not a value of 13 billion, a china.com estimate of 130 billion can not buy it. If another zg.com I am afraid that 1300000 billion are said to export. Sheer absurdity. Such ridiculous reports also many, let a person look at some domain concepts have goose bumps.       domain name can be composed of up to 63, that is, spend a dollar, you can register the domain name of 63, but some people spend a dollar to register the domain name of the 63, a large number of media also reported to the special newspaper, and. Of course, ignorant media as the object of the news. There are a lot of garbage is one hundred yuan of the following domain name, domain name in the media are No one shows any interest in, the eyes are worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, are not reliable. If the media suggest unfamiliar things, is giving the best. Don’t leave. The following records and records of ridiculous photos and URL records. A precious historical photos, I think of the grain yield of 30 thousand kg of history, 2 photos together. Keep a history. read more

Lack of standards into the biggest bottleneck in the development of fresh electricity supplier

fresh products because of its short shelf life, easy to lose, easy to deteriorate, procurement procedures and many uncertain factors, such as the electricity supplier platform operators in the supply, distribution, and other aspects of the sale are put forward higher requirements.

with the rise and development of electronic commerce in recent years, with the fresh vegetables and fruits, meat and seafood fresh products have also been included in the consumer online shopping list. Sales of electronic products, different from traditional electricity supplier supplies or processed foods, fresh products because of its short shelf life, easy loss, easy modification, procurement procedures of uncertain factors and other characteristics, have put forward higher requirements on the electricity supplier platform operation in sourcing, distribution, customer service etc.. read more

How to use Taobao FABE sales law to write a description of the product

, I believe many of my friends often buy things on the Internet, because it is convenient and easy, but the choices were also very much, just move the mouse to buy their own products of love. The shopping platform to Taobao the most typical, is the place where most of the online shopping. But Taobao shop even to the point of flooding, and the same products make you dazzling, I do not know how to buy. In this case, there are still a lot of people began to change from the online shopping to the owner, began a difficult Taobao venture, personally feel not optimistic. read more

Gome electricity supplier strategy accused of excessive defense Wong Kwong Yu should not interfere

face the impact of electricity providers, the United States finally sit still. Recently, Gome issued a new three year strategy, will focus on strengthening the primary market and the development of second tier cities, while the electricity supplier business referred to the strategic height.

insiders pointed out that, compared with rival Suning, Gome this new strategy not only slow a beat, and accused of excessive defense. I think the United States and the United States is still defensive strategy, but to connect the line up and down. But can not defend or an unknown." E-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang investor newspaper reporter said. read more

B2S model to test the water or become a new era after the group buying

editor’s note: with the continuous development of e-commerce to the depth of the e-commerce market has become increasingly thin. The latest online speculation, but raise a Babel of criticism of the "B2S" A new force suddenly rises. in e-commerce market. Emira science and Technology (imula-tech) application of its unique B2S model, as well as its water test SNS site – Park Network (http://s.www.28129888.com), attracted many users of all ages. However, as Mr Zhang Jianyu’s chief operating officer Emira science and technology introduction, this mode is still in the early stage of the project, can not be like the group purchase, set off a climax of e-commerce business, remains to be seen, but the important point is that no matter what the project, as long as it can let users benefit from the website and be profitable I believe you can go further. read more

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