Wanda cultural industry will have a big action electricity supplier business or will surface

According to reliable sources said Wanda

will have a big movement in the cultural industries, at the same time, there is news that Wanda electricity soon surfaced. Prior to the outside world Wanda electricity supplier development model has a lot of speculation, the final choice of electricity supplier Wanda development is likely to be a combination of mobile Internet and Wanda Plaza O2O model.

Wanda will be a big move in the cultural industry

a few days ago, I got the news that there will be a big move in the Wanda cultural industry, the author inquired after Wang Jianlin recently in "Wanda Group 2012 summary of the work conference speech, seemingly from the traces above can be found in big Wanda cultural industries. read more

nternet domain name signed by the Convention does not threaten the registration of self discipline

      Internet domain name registration business today signed a "self-discipline", promised not to threaten the registration of users, users not to mislead, not registered users of telephone, fax mail harassment. Initiated by the six companies in the power network, the new network, etc., more than forty registered services "Internet address registration services industry self-discipline convention" signed in Beijing, including the COM domain name domain name exit also was first included in the category of self-discipline. read more

Honey bud wronged reveals the dilemma of supply chain business

honey bud baby promised in the official website, 100% authentic, rest assured


Beijing News reporter Li Dong photo

less than half the time, unknown maternal electricity supplier honey bud baby quickly favored by investors, and completed a $20 million financing.

But after

rosemari brand children’s car sales, which was "goofy" suffered the biggest crisis since the birth of newborn.

recently the media exposure of the maternal electricity supplier sales rosemari brand children’s cart was fake, the media began to question the honey bud baby other products supply channels, many mothers with anxiety. In this regard, honey bud baby recently bursts of three letters of the announcement statement to clarify rosemari cart events, and three times the compensation measures for the purchase of the cart for buyers, apologize to his negligence. The statement said that the trolley incident is only a case, does not mean that honey bud baby sales of other products problems. read more

Research on localization of e commerce website

with the development of globalization, many multinational companies in the global scope to promote their products and ideas, and along with the electronic commerce website major mergers and acquisitions in the global scope, localization trend intensified. Because there are some researchers engaged in the study of site localization.

because of the special culture under the influence of China users have their own characteristics, for example, compared with the short-term results Chinese users pay more attention to the long-term goals, in addition to their website when using the website information display. The organization and user access to the site is the focus. The focus of interest compared with foreign users are great the difference, even in the process of localization, it is not confined to the interface of the localization, but also to design the function of system and interactive design localization. As a result, foreign websites in China to transplant, you need to consider the aesthetic needs and habits of Chinese users, the design of the site in line with Chinese users. read more

1 billion 600 million stake in Jingdong Tencent behind the electricity supplier investment strategy

Tencent President Liu Chiping (left) and Jingdong group CEO (right)


] the rumors finally settled.! the morning of March 10th, Jingdong chairman Liu Qiangdong announced in Shenzhen, Jingdong and Tencent have reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent, denounced the $1 billion 600 million purchase of 15% stake in the Jingdong store.

from Jingdong mall founder Liu Qiangdong sent an e-mail to internal staff

reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent, will greatly change the pattern of the electricity supplier industry, the future development of Jingdong is of great significance: read more

Google help China’s most cattle entrepreneurial Gang

with the Lanting Pavilion review Guo Quji cardinality submitted IPO application, Google background of entrepreneurs have gradually surfaced: innovation works founder Li Kaifu, co-founder of millet Lin Bin, founder of Wang Huainan, the baby tree alliance founder Jiang Fan, so network founder Liu Jun, tick Group founder Song Zhongjie, founder of papayamobile Shen Si, co-founder of jumei.com Dai amamori…… According to statistics, Google Chinese contributed at least 20 Internet Co founder or CEO, and there are hundreds of millions of dollars or even billions of dollars the company founder. Thus, Google China was once hailed as the Chinese Internet industry, Whampoa  military academy". I dark horse for you one by one interpretation of the Google help map. read more

Dangdang com another book price war a field to hold the pieces of self help

daily economic news reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

March 12th, dangdang.com and Jingdong in the field of books once again launched a fight hand to hand with the price war.

for Dangdang, the essence of this price war is a late self-help war. At present, China B2C to Ali, the electricity supplier in the field of Jingdong as the representative of the seven powers hegemony pattern has been set, as the edge, dangdang.com picked up again have to price war banner to attract attention, otherwise only a small piece of land there may not be preserved. read more

nternational domain name dispute resolution agreement

International domain name dispute resolution agreement

(by ICANN in October 24, 1999)


"international domain name dispute solving agreement" and "unified domain name registration agreement", "international domain name dispute settlement procedures, unified rules" provider (or service provider) the supplementary rules for domain name dispute parties (not including the domain name registration organization) to provide solutions.

2 domain name is the responsibility of the applicant statement:

1) fill in "agreement" domain name registration information is complete and accurate;

2) as far as we know, the domain name registration will not infringe any third party’s rights;

3) domain name registration is not for illegal purposes;

4) the use of the domain name will not violate any relevant laws and regulations.

for domain name registration and infringe the rights of others is prejudice, full responsibility for the applicant name. read more

E commerce enterprise competitive intelligence analysis tool

For many

engaged in e-commerce for SMEs, innovation and not too many resources to carry out the business model, so most companies provide products and services with competitors basic similar, there are great homogeneity, so the marketing ability, website operation ability has become the core factor of competition, which in time access to business opportunities and competitive intelligence has become a priority among priorities. As Bill · Gates in "the next hour" said: "for your company and your competitors to distinguish the most meaningful, make your company the best method leading to a large number of companies, is to use the information to do the best job. How do you collect, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.". How to sorting out useful information in the mass of competitive intelligence and business opportunities in the multitude, each electronic commerce enterprise operation personnel, marketing personnel thought pondering what sarcasm. read more

Did miss the opportunity to buy a domain name

          07 years of the start of the summer holidays for the domain name, now without any success, but the first time received a message, a foreigner is issued by the company, is the inquiry, I offer 20000 dollars he wanted. But at that time very busy, did not care, today, he came out of the dry air. It is for yourself, after all, the mood is not good, buy in the forum a few days ago, the site did not transfer well, by taking the code has been landing on, here also hope to buy the station brothers to complete the transfer procedures, but also try to transfer space, be vigilant, don’t let yourself hard money cheated! Well, the mail, please notify us immediately to help see next is not sending mail!                                 read more

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