Little said from the Jingdong and the rebate rebate with a short break

some time ago Taobao banned Taobao customer product search service, a lot of return rate of website gasped, is a positive response, but the Jingdong recently announced in June to suspend all cooperation and rebate website: "when all the rebate Commission is not for settlement. The reason is the mall to the Jingdong this month for the anniversary month, is the history of the strongest anniversary month, profits 1 billion yuan, the profits of Jingdong in June is the largest ever, therefore, based on the rebate, there is loss of value system of Jingdong". It is yiboweiping another rebate this once very familiar with the names in the read more

Baidu have ah VS YAHOO no ah

according to sources, Baidu online trading platform has been named as the "ah", and has registered the domain name earlier Baidu has invited million seller in the new platform internal test. It is believed that Baidu is about to announce officially launched a new platform for network transaction. Baidu e-commerce division is responsible for this rumor will not buy.

according to a long-term interest in the domain name registration sources said, Baidu investment platform respectively in September 24th, October 7th launched two times on the platform and the domain name speculation vote, "ah" in the name of the first round of voting did not appear to increase the list of candidate but vote in October 7th, and the day of the query name of the corresponding domain name, found in a poll of "ah" youa.Com,.Cn,,, etc.. China domain have made a protective registration, even some of the popular.Mobi,.Cc,.Hk,.Biz and. read more

Suning brewing organizational structure adjustment Tesco or fully integrated into the group


last year Suning announced renamed "Su ningyun" and the organizational structure adjustment, a new round of restructuring and brewing.

a number of sources, Suning recently intensive work will be held to discuss the construction of a new organizational structure. A number of departments after the adjustment will be merged, many executives will face change.

Adjustment of


It is reported that

, the largest is the adjustment of the operating system, chain operating platform and e-commerce business headquarters ( will be merged, the line two platform operation, marketing functions will be made one. read more

Following the nternet giant Suning Gome has also begun to compete in the mobile phone brand market

mobile phone market investment in recent years the rise of millet, HUAWEI rash and too much in haste, standing, the traditional mobile phone giant has dominated the market, new entrants face a variety of baptism, some place, some hit head broken and bleeding, so the traditional channels Suning and Gome into the mobile phone industry is a what


always thought in 360, the Alibaba as the representative of the Internet giant is the last wave into the mobile phone, did not expect the Suning and Gome brand mobile phone on the market. read more

Tmall mobile phone to play hunger marketing T code limited release

June 10th news, June to enter the electricity supplier of promotional activities to promote the activities of the active period, this year Tmall, mobile phone has become the flagship, the day before Tmall launched T code according to the priority purchase activities, billion state power network to understand, the first round of the 100 thousand Tmall T code has more than 14 million people panic buying, 700 thousand T codes currently issued are second round of panic buying in a total of more than 1770 million people participated in. read more

From the low culture to the financing difficulties e commerce nine points need to scratch bone pain

The rapid development of e-commerce

I [note] the network operators in the world, facing low culture, vicious competition, fake hat, credit crisis, tax loopholes, innovation of the storm, logistics short board, the difficulties of financing, supervision of the pain this nine long-standing pain point, the electricity supplier if you want to continue in the future healthy development, to be scraping the bone cure poison, traveling light.

recently, SAIC announced the monitoring results oriented network trading commodities, Taobao 2nd publicly questioned…… This makes the long-standing electricity supplier pain points once again by the public hot. read more

Vip com nterpretation how to grow in the giant nose

market value approaching $10 billion, that so many people are stunned, it can be said that is in Tmall eyes underground played a grass root counter attack story, but I see this scene of deja vu, then remembered that is YY from QQ underground growing way low-key.


QQ was a popular retreat, MSN, Fetion into the past, NetEase bubble and Baidu Hi have crashed, but let a little more YY in the Tencent took a nap under the eyes quickly weaving a huge network, through the unique technology and products, to take 400 million the user does not leave God, in November 21, 2012 successfully landed on the Nasdaq, this is a gorgeous grassroots counter attack drama. read more

Ministry of Commerce this year will further promote cross border electricity supplier pilot

official website of the Ministry of Commerce 14 news, foreign trade will insist on maintaining stability of the general work guideline this year, to adjust the structure in a more prominent position, consolidate and upgrade traditional advantages, accelerate fostering foreign trade competitive advantage.

Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Department official said on January 2017, China’s foreign trade, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to implement the policy of this year as a year, in conjunction with the relevant departments to determine the list of key policies, pay close attention to the State Council has promulgated a series of promoting the steady growth of foreign trade structure policy implementation, effectively reducing the burden for businesses to help. Promote the implementation of gradient transfer of processing trade differentiated policies, to further promote cross-border electricity market procurement, and integrated services in foreign trade enterprises and other new formats pilot, continue to increase export credit insurance and financial support, and strive to improve the level of trade facilitation, further strengthen and The Belt and Road national trade cooperation, implement effective import policies, continue to increase good practice summary of good experience, efforts to promote foreign trade continued to stabilize the good. read more

Reducing the business of the year mathematical analysis of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurs success is a small probability event, it is difficult to make big money; and the venture capital and the media, the success is a high probability event, but I do not know who happened on it, so the position is not the same. Many situations are chaotic and unpredictable. Why do you want to start a business? How to turn a small probability event into a high probability event?. Author: life three poison

editor’s note: This article is the author of the three drugs for the well-known website and web game company founder, had previously been a senior editor of IT media, witnessed the early development of China’s internet. read more

Do not buy domain names parked domain names

heard to buy the domain name is very troublesome, bought a later, only to know where the most trouble. The transaction process is not trouble, two or three days to get it, the cost is not high, the thought that you can begin to do the course of the station, who knows that Baidu is not included. Began to think that the update is not enough reason, so efforts to update more than a month. Still not included. April to buy the domain name, to the year of June, Baidu no movement, look at LOG, about five or six times, each interval of more than 10 days. read more

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