Kobe’s Taobao shop have long spider web also tube no matter

news July 24th, billion state power network discovery, NBA before the Lakers star Kobe · Bryant in the Taobao open shop called KOBE INC, is now under the framework of all Kobe products.

it is reported that in August last year, Kobe participated in the occupation career by Ali pictures "MUSE" documentary film officially released, Taobao store is in on-line over the same period, the shops selling MUSE T-shirt is also designed for this movie, a stage of each T-shirt represents the Kobe occupation career, the price is 198 yuan. At the same time, Kobe also personally photographed as a model, shooting advertising map shop. read more

Tyrants seek fresh fresh era from brutal to mature brutal shuffle


I world network operators do daily fresh shopping entrance or create the explosion caused the star effect? For the mass consumer market is still aimed at forcing the high-end consumer market tide? We know who is swimming naked, the incoming from barbarism to the stage mature stage, brutal reshuffle who’ll survive


text / Zheng Lun

, according to preliminary estimates, fresh electricity market size in the next 5 years can reach 100 billion level, but also will be born billions of market capitalization of the company, which is currently expanding fresh electricity supplier into a tonic. read more

Robin Li mobile and cloud represents the direction of China’s nternet development

Baidu CEO Robin Li (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) October 30th news, Baidu CEO Robin Li said today, in the future mobile and cloud Chinese Internet represents the direction of development, Baidu will continue to actively promote the construction and development of mobile cloud ecosystem. We are ready to meet the opportunities and challenges brought about by the transformation of the Internet from the PC era to the mobile era."

Robin Li has recently been on the mobile Internet development position. Prior to Robin Li said that Baidu’s mobile Internet business model has not been too clear, there are two possibilities, one may be the developer of the application can be loaded Baidu ads. Baidu probably has tens of thousands of alliance partners, alliance partners loaded Baidu ads and get Baidu. The future of wireless may also be the case, the application developer running in the Baidu ecosystem, Baidu loaded with some of his ads into. read more

China nternet Business Festival linli why only 919 crazy fans Festival

with China electricity supplier Festival Internet market, finally is no longer Ali and Jingdong "Errenzhuan" era! The rise of music fans of 919 electricity supplier Festival, not only to bring more passion a little boring business market, make the user more crazy, let China electricity market has entered the era of "War Within Three Kingdoms".

Ali double 11, 618 Jingdong, 919 LETV is China Internet the most famous of the three electricity supplier Festival, is the annual users to "cut the hand of the holiday. But with the double 11, 618 combined with whole platform enterprise carnival, 919 fans Festival is very unique, it is only by a company to prop up the electricity market electricity supplier festival. read more

Value marketing will be the theme of the future B2C

do electricity supplier, a talk about network marketing, especially to the spirit. What advertising and marketing, QQ marketing, email marketing, community marketing, blog, forum, website Links, as well as the hottest micro-blog marketing and so on, all kinds of different people.

look at the domestic electricity supplier to use the network marketing model, mainly take two routes, one is the price of marketing. Take the "hard advertisement" route, with real money in exchange for orders, although a short time quick, but there is a fatal weakness, must continue to burn, the risk of the enterprise in the continuous accumulation of expansion, when hungry, would be a devastating blow to the enterprise. read more

nvisible Bank Kenya m Pesa services in Africa

m-Pesa is a localized on the service (Tencent technology plan)

The popularity of

mobile phone in Africa provides the conditions for innovation (Tencent technology plan)


mPesa agent stores (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (David) in Beijing on July 9th news, according to foreign media reports, University of Cambridge scholar Olivia · O’Sullivan (Olivia O Sullivan) published an article introduces popular Kenya mobile banking service m-Pesa, the service by mobile phone Short Message convenient payment, cash transfers, etc.. Moreover, m-Pesa did not give up the remote and poor people, but as the main user. read more

SAC will not relax the regulation of electricity supplier

newspaper news (reporter Yang Bin) "operators interviewed is not enough, is to be severely punished." "After the announced market monitoring results to the society, must have the evaluation plan, sampling inspection of goods lethality is very strong, consumer product comparison test is, can be said that each of them is the killer, but as long as we are in accordance with the law, to steady accurate attack, failing to panic, also don’t be afraid". After Taobao shake hands, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Ma Zhengqi at the meeting of the national industrial and commercial systems of consumer protection video on today’s speech, the participants heard, revealed the administration is still not to relax the regulation of the electricity supplier. read more

Online shop operators entrepreneurial mentality

talk about entrepreneurship, we all know that the future is unknown, are supported by faith, the secret of success is attributed to the success of the goal to continue to adhere to adhere to adhere to. Before we enter an industry, we must first do a system planning of themselves to work and do not fully prepared, early passion, difficulties will discourage.

now has a lot of network shop every day, every day to give up a lot since the shop good money, why there are so many people quit? Good quality one includes many aspects, we face the pressure and frustration have stronger psychological ability. read more

Deputies angrily pharmaceutical business chaos network selling into blacklist

China News Agency, Beijing, March 4 (reporter Ceng Nai) – shop selling prescription drugs, false advertising network flooding

…… Talk about the pharmaceutical business chaos, the National People’s Congress Xie Zilong angry words "medicine is a special commodity, should strictly control the drug trade network, and so can not be a problem to do it".

as a large pharmacy chain Limited by Share Ltd chairman, Xie Zilong topic every year can not be separated from the doctor to buy medicine". He brought 4 bills this year, the more than and 20 proposal concerns pharmaceutical reform. Internet medical, is his mouth hot words. read more

The impact of the economic crisis on the nternet showed COM domain global shrink

U.S. economic crisis began to affect the U.S. domain name industry. According to foreign statistics agency Webb House Dean data show that in November the United States at the beginning of the COM domain in a week Neijin minus 150 thousand. On a global scale, the number of people in the United States on the acceptance of the U.S. COM domain name has continued to decline in Korea, COM domain name has been sustained for more than six weeks in a negative growth in Australia, there are also negative growth of five weeks. Analysts pointed out that, along with the rise of the power of the Internet, the dominance of the U.S. COM domain name has been shaken, is gradually being replaced by Internet domain names. read more

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