A registered trademark is essential to a business a brand but how much do you know about trademark

classification of trademark registration

1 is divided into commodity trademarks and service marks in accordance with the objects used in the registered trademarks.

enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households or other organizations shall, in economic activities, apply for trademark registration to the trademark office if they need to acquire the exclusive right to use a trademark for their goods or services. Trademark registration with the international classification of goods and services a total of 45 categories, of which the goods are dedicated to the 34 categories (1~34 class), dedicated service of the 11 categories (class 35~45). Registered trademarks in the 1~34 category is a commodity trademark, registered in the 35~45 category as a trademark service mark. read more

Sogou Wang Xiaochuan three different entrepreneurial ecology

from the IvyS entrepreneurship camp instructor, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan in the 2015 Tencent Partner Conference "Internet plus application" forum to share content.

Wang Xiaochuan said: Sino US entrepreneurial ecology have significant differences; the entrepreneurial team keen curiosity, innovation, entrepreneurial team at Chinese valuation, talk about the business model, too impetuous; large U.S. companies keen to acquire, entrepreneurial team is also willing to be acquired, China between big companies and entrepreneurial team is plagiarism and confrontation; talents in America the entrepreneurial team, and good people are choosing China when CEO, the ability of the team instead of layer by layer decline. read more

Who does not want to adhere to their own heart

proud of the early start of the entrepreneurial heart, why after the business changed?

a lot of people because of their business, not the boss, not the state company, hopes to start to change. And a few years later, but found himself and once hated leadership and no two…… Why?

to share a story.

Hu Chao is a programmer, working in a App outsourcing company, a basic App two weeks will be able to get an average of 2.3 months to develop a App. Monthly salary 10K, often overtime. Later found that the average price of a App between 100 thousand to 15, not only think of their own low wages, but also often work overtime, because of dissatisfaction with the boss of this treatment, and later resigned to open their own App outsourcing company. read more

Game entrepreneurial boom receded hot money and feelings difficult to support the market

in recent years, the game business has experienced explosive development, creating a lot of flourishes myth, many entrepreneurs are turning back into the game to the boom of entrepreneurship, veteran game company also see business opportunities in a variety of ways, have joined the fray, a game to become one of the hottest topics of entrepreneurship.

, however, the reality is very cruel, when entrepreneurs still dream of becoming the next millionaire, the company has put up the shutters. Coupled with the difficult transformation of the old game company road, so that the whole game entrepreneurial environment into the white hot. In the end the game is not a false proposition of entrepreneurs in the future game how to go read more

The webcast will have any impact on the certified broadcast platform

is one of the important sites in the Internet world, that is to provide a variety of software download sites, these sites can help users solve many software applications, but with the protection of intellectual property rights awareness is growing, many websites also download to begin to change their business strategy, so as to better make yourself to achieve healthy and sustainable development. As a result of the download site is mainly available to download software applications, if you do not pay attention to SEO optimization, it is easy to bring bad experience to the user, the following specific analysis. read more

2016 conjecture Taiwan electricity supplier in addition to O2O and mobile payment what will happen

Abstract: Taiwan in recent years in the field of electronic business development, in view of policies and regulations, has been used as a "smart card" view, behind the development speed, the Internet, but with the gradual opening up policy in 2016, the new enterprise, have been competing for business eating a piece of pie, Taiwan this year on the development of many exciting.

Taiwan mobile payment

(I wish you a happy new year many visitors Ti Ti Ti media! Happy new year to you strive for further improvement, the annual dry cargo offer, more wonderful guess, welcome to subscribe to the annual summary and forecast [ read more

An Dongsheng unusual but the secret of success

behind the glory of success, is piled up by countless tears and sweat, never missing a Denver Internet dream of people in the world, although behind today’s entrepreneurial tide numerous hidden dangers, there are still people every day into the rush to the fore wave of entrepreneurship, stumbled to entrepreneurship, finally suddenly in doubts: I how to go to a business? How do I do this?

business for many years, many students have asked me about the same question: "teacher, do poineering work now so fire, whether I should start your own career?" especially the year outbreak in 2014 micro business business boom, the average daily every day I received 5 calls, they is asking me: "teacher, micro entrepreneurs, what to do? If I give up now work to business, success can really read more

City of entrepreneurial innovation to witness the future of APP

third global mobile Internet development creative contest Chengdu Railway Station successfully held

August 18, 2016, the third global Internet development creative competition Chengdu Railway Station in Chengdu century InterContinental Hotel successfully held. Chengdu Railway Station to entrepreneurship: Eco entertainment as the theme, through the global cooperation and cooperation of the game plan, designed to attract outstanding domestic and foreign APP development of individuals, teams and enterprises to participate. Competition will provide capital docking, as well as the localization of the necessary hardware and software resources, such as a full range of support for more mobile Internet Ecosystem of individuals, teams and enterprises to provide quality services. read more

Entrepreneur why can’t you hire someone like SS

introduction: specifically, they through a common vision, discipline is the flow of information timely, efficient, transparent, reasonable interest distribution mechanism and the high level of public exposure, to promote the development of the organization. And these aspects, it is entrepreneurial enterprises should learn.

in January last year, "Charlie weekly" terrorist bloodbath, and in November 14th last year in France Paris series of violent terrorist attacks to an article entitled "as an operating system of the Islamic" complete fire. This article refers to: read more

The four chart tells you what kind of O2O enterprises can survive

Abstract: as a product of "Internet plus" trend, O2O is still optimistic about the prospects in this field, from the birth of BAT level giant is thought to have a great probability. We have to ask is, what is the O2O enterprise vital? List before the spread of O2O in the market of death can give us what enlightenment? What kind of O2O enterprises in order to survive, and live more and better


only two years, the domestic O2O industry as if from heaven into hell, the investment frenzy subsided, too many companies become a list of O2O enterprises on the death. There are basically two types of read more

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