The mission and sentiment of investors is not to express goodwill but to ensure the maximization of

Abstract: when you hold the hands of the capital, to be aware of, for the quality of the social wealth you want to maximize the interests of capital and labor for highly crystalline, you want to play a positive role in the most effective, this is the mission of investors and feelings.

emerging application projects wary of disorderly follow the trend of

some people want to do the sharing of electric bicycles, asked me if I was "tuyere". I said, first of all, you have to figure out what their relative advantage, or you look like a new model, but in reality there is no innovation. Bicycles do solve a lot of people can not solve the problem, a wide range of applications, and can quickly become a business model to do. This is a particularly good idea, but there is no technical threshold, to a large extent, the team is playing fast execution and the initial starting point, can not form a competitive leading enterprises. The difference is that people do bicycles, you do electric cars, which is to follow suit. read more

2015 venture inventory Entrepreneurship outbreak from crazy to rational

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on December 31st

China’s Internet business has never been so hot today.

is talking about whether Zhongguancun Venture Street attracted a large number of dreamers, all kinds of entrepreneurial salon and roadshow entrepreneurs, running every day in a number of projects among investors, or such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain incubators, as the emergence of new investment institutions, these without evidence, the Internet and mobile Internet popularization and development to 2015 Chinese brought hitherto unknown opportunity. read more

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